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Watch out for Copper Clad Aluminium cables

30 Sep 2012 1:49 PM -

It has come to our attention that copper clad aluminium (CCA) communications and data cables have begun to creep into our market lately. This may be marked as being standards compliant when it is not.
Copper clad aluminium data cable does not comply with Australian telecommunications cabling standards and cannot be used as telecommunications customer cable in Australia so if you are asking for quotes for a cabling project be aware that if you receive a quote significantly cheaper than the others then check the type of cable being used.
Using CCA cable as customer cabling can have consequences ranging from relatively minor to catastrophic. Due to its higher resistance, compared to solid copper cable (as mandated by the standards), CCA installations may suffer degraded data throughput for similar length cable runs. With the proliferation of devices powered via Ethernet, the use of CCA cable will result in increased power dissipation in the cable which could result in the cable properties degrading and overheating.
Fines up to $13,200 can be imposed for supply or installation of CCA cabling.
ICS Technologies only used standards compliant cable and connectors from Krone or Clipsal so performance and safety are assured.

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