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Versatility of the Avaya IP Office

7 Mar 2015 12:09 PM -
One of our largest customers is implementing a project to turn some of their facilities into 24 hour operations and for this they have gone with analogue door stations as duress panels with 8 or more per location. Obviously the phone system needs to have capacity for the additional analogue extensions; most don't so they need to be replaced.

They have practically every brand of phone system under the sun; either installed originally when the site was new or whatever was installed in the site when it was acquired but their preferred phone system for all new sites and upgrades is the Avaya IP Office. They have some 35 installed around the country so far out of over 80 sites.

The way the duress panels are set up is that when the button is pushed, a recording advises the person to wait for a response from security. The signal is sent to security via the access control panel, security knows which panel has been activated and then dials back into that panel which either needs a lot of analogue lines or direct indial. A Primary Rate ISDN is being provisioned but was not available for the cutover so how did we achieve it when up to the morning of cutover we were being told the duress panel would dial security directly?

Due to the flexibility of the IP Office it was possible to use the existing analogue lines and create a time profile to switch each one through to a duress panel. If done manually it would have required 8 night service buttons for each of the lines - far easier with a single time profile.

ICS Technologies is an Avaya Authorised Partner located in Brisbane, Australia but we have several systems around Oceania.
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