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Under utilised features of the Avaya BCM

18 Apr 2010 9:22 PM - Feature 66 'Voice Call'

The Business Communication Manager has some 400 features - some are little known or under utilised such as Feature 66 'Voice Call'.

If you need to speak to somebody fast and you don't want them to have to touch their phone when you call then use Feature 66. This allows you to initiate a 2-way conversation without the called party having to touch their phone to answer.

The method of operation is as follows:

a) Dial Feature 66 or press the preprogrammed feature key on your phone.
b) Phone will give dial tone and the screen will say 'Dial voice call'
c) Dial the extension of the person you want to speak to.
d) Their phone will go into handsfree mode with a warning tone and you will be able to speak to them and they can speak to you without them having touched their phone.

Note that the phone has to have auto handsfree programmed on it (all of ours do except for specific circumstances) and must not be in Do Not Disturb mode.

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