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Ubiquiti NanoBeam

7 Dec 2013 6:11 PM -
The new NanoBeam range from Ubiquiti is basically a refresh/update of the familar NanoStation/NanoBridge range that works exceptionally well in bridging arrangements or even as a cheap and simple access point. They still operate on 24V POE, but have faster CPUs (560 MHz vs 400 MHz), and some models now include GbE (1000 Mbps) Ethernet interfaces to take better advantage of the up-to 300Mbps throughput. The NanoStation replacements now include a mount that has Elevation adjustment.

Will NanoStations/NanoBridges become obsolete? Short answer: We don't know. We have heard nothing from Ubiquiti on if/when the existing product line of NanoStation/NanoBridge will be End-Of-Life (EOL). We can (and do) still order the NanoStations and NanoBridges and expect to be able to do so for some time yet.

There is no price difference between the NanoStation/NanoBridge and the NanoBeam range.
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