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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite Router

28 Mar 2013 10:07 PM -
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

It's finally in Australia!

The astonishingly powerful EdgeRouter Lite completely smashes the price/performance barrier for routers.

In June 2012 the Tolly Group compared the EdgeRouter Lite (well under $200 ex GST) with the Cisco 3925 (over $13,000 ex GST RRP) and Juniper J6350 (over $10,000 ex GST RRP) in report 212127 published in Spetember 2012.

The results are startling to say the least.

With 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces the Ubiquiti is capable of 1 million 64 byte packets per second without the firewall, the Cisco 20% less and the Juniper over 60% less. On larger packets the Cisco matches the Ubiquiti but the Juniper is well behind.

When the firewall is turned on the throughput on the Ubiquiti drops to 672,000 packets per second, the Cisco 532,000 and the Juniper trails at just 249,000.

The EdgeRouter Lite also supports many important features such as VLAN, NAT, OSPF, BGP, IPv6, DHCP server, IPsec, L2TP, PPPoE and more. While the Cisco and Juniper provide expansion slots for legacy WAN interfaces and additional routing functions, for customers not requiring those functions the EdgeRouter Lite provides high performance, low-latency routing at an extremely low price.

This would be the perfect router to attach to an NBN connection and would not restrict the throughput like most current SOHO or even small business routers of today would.

For those of us still on ADSL, team it with a cheap ADSL modem with the appropriate chipset for your ADSL connection which acts both as a sacrifice for a lightning strike and can be discarded when NBN finally arrives.

Ubiquiti products are available from ICS Technologies is Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to implement one in your business.

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