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TP Link TL-MR3020 Portable Wireless N Router

23 Oct 2013 9:59 PM -

We decided to experiment with one of these TP-Link TL-MR3020's to see how flexible they are and the answer is: very.

Using the slide switch the MR3020 can be configured in multiple ways where the Ethernet port can be used as LAN or WAN, wireless repeater, wireless access point, travel router and 3G/4G router.

There are 2 immediate uses for us:
  1. As part of the demo kit for the Avaya IP Office where the complete system tuns in a laptop and the MR3020 is used as a DHCP source and wireless access point for the wireless devices plus it can connect to the Internet to allow coonection with SIP trunks to demonstrate incoming calls
  2. Our office is in an ADSL 1 zone so trying to use VoIP lines during heavy Internet use is problematic but we are in fringe 4G coverage so the plan is to put the SIP lines over the 4G.

The Telstra Sierra 320U dongle is not listed as being compatible (although the alternate ZTE MF821 is) but upon plugging it in and powering the TL-MR3020 up the status showed the modem as "Identified" and connected automatically. It also picked up several Telstra-specific settings. The particular 320U dongle I grabbed has a prepaid SIM with no credit on it so I couldn't check throughput.

We will progressively work through the currently available USB dongles to find which do and don't work.

TL-MR3020 is a tiny 74mm x 67mm x 22mm device and the product highlights include:

  • Share a 3G/4G mobile connection, compatible with 120+ LTE/HSPA+/UMTS/EVDO 3G/4G USB modems, tested in the field
  • Powered either through a power adapter or from a USB port
  • Travel-size Design, small and light enough to take on the road, enables users to share a 3G/4G mobile connection wherever 3G/4G coverage is available
  • Wireless speed is up to 150Mbps (802.11n lite)
  • Three modes available for different situations: 3G/4G Router, WISP Client Router and Travel Router Mode (AP Mode)
  • With 3G/4G and WAN failover back-up strategy, TL-MR3020 can provide a sustained internet connection.

The TP-Link TL-MR3020 and other TP-Link products are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Austraiia.

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