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TP-Link SG1008PE

3 Feb 2014 7:43 PM -
TP-Link have introduced the SG1008PE Ethernet switch.

The SG1008PE is an unmanaged eight port Gigabit switch that provides Power over Ethernet Plus which allows for up to 25.5 Watts of power for high powered cameras or wireless access points.

The SG1008PE can supply up to 124 Watts so the full Class 3 PoE power of 15.4 Watts is available on all ports. Front panel LED's indicate when you are approaching maximum power.

Without a web interface or CLI access it isn't possible to assign power priorities to critical devices so power prioritisation is hard coded based on port number; the higher the port number the lower the power priority so if the power limit is reached the devices start powering off.

The SG1008PE and other TP-Link products are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia
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