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Tolly Group tests Motorola and Ruckus wireless access points

23 Jul 2013 9:52 AM -

Recently the Tolly Group compared the Motorola AP 6522 and AP 8132 wireless access points with the Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363 and 7982 wireless access points.

Many enterprises rely on wireless to deliver video and other applications to users so it is now expected that wireless provides a similar experience to a wired connection.

Dense environments such as meeting rooms, classrooms and conference centres present special problems due to the close proximity of access points. Improper power settings and channels can create adjacent channel interference which degrades overall performance.

The explosion of Bring Your Own Device tablets and smartphones presents more challenges to the wireless network. Gartner Group have stated "without proper planning, enterprises deploying iPads will need 300% more WiFi.

Through their testing Tolly Group found the Motorola AP 6522 and AP 8132 provide:

Up to 81% more throughput compared with the beam-forming and antenna array-enabled Ruckus accesspoints in high density environments.

Up to 30 simultaneous video clients with acceptable quality when background traffic is present compared to fewer than 15 clients for Ruckus.

Up to 6.5x faster power and channel selection through Motorola SMART RF technology compared with Ruckus' ChannelFly.

Don't forget Motorola also has the AP 6511 access point to replace conventional wall plates and provide wireless and Ethernet connectivity in a hotel or motel retrofit.

If you have requirements for wireless networking then please contact us. We offer a range of solutions from a variety of manufacturers. ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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