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Spotlight on the APC NetShelter CX enclosures

28 Apr 2010 11:29 PM -

APC have released three innovative rack enclosures designed to allow servers and other network equipment to be located in an office environment.

The Netshelter CX Office Enclosures are specialised enclosures with integrated cooling, noise dampening and power distribution for server and network applications in office environments. Visually they look like a piece of quality office furniture rather than an IT or equipment rack.


  • Enables deployment of IT hardware safely into open office environments.
  • Visually pleasing enclosures built from wood composite material.
  • Small footprint and design blends seamlessly into office environments
  • Integrated cooling, sound dampening and superior reliability with an all-inclusive plug and play specification.

Available in 18RU, 24RU and 38RU sized, all 1130mm deep, they come with an integrated 15 outlet Power Distribution Unit.

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