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Special Purpose LG displays: 47" Transparent Display

26 Jul 2013 11:28 PM -

In addition to the normal range of screens and TV's from LG, some special purpose screens are available such as the LG 47TS30MF transparent panels.

The 47TS30MF is 47" diagonal Full HD panel (1920 x 1080). This panel is not only transparent allowing it to be built into supermarket freezer doors but also has an antireflective coating so it provides a clearer display in direct sunlight than a conventional panel.

The panel is only 9mm thick with a varying thickness bezel to allow it to be built into cabinetry.

Connectivity is via Low Voltage Differential Signalling so either a compatible driver has to be used or HDMI to LVDS adapters are available.

Contact ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia to see if the 47TS30MF stretched panel is right for your next project.

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