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Special Purpose LG displays: 38WR50MS stretched panel

26 Jul 2013 10:52 PM -

In addition to the normal range of screens and TV's from LG, some special purpose screens are available such as the LG 38WR50MS stretched panel.

The 38WR50MS is 38" diagonal with a resolution of 1920 x 502 giving it an aspect ratio of 16:4. This panel is specifically intended for digital signage applications like airport arrival and departure boards and has an auto scaling function to allow content created for a conventional 16:9 screen will best take advantage of the wider format.

The bezel is only 20mm thick and the panel itself is only 59mm thick so with a 400 x 200mm VEA mount it can be used in places a conventional display will not fit.

Connections include:

  • DVI-D in and out
  • RGB in and out
  • HDMI in
  • Display Port in
  • PC Audio in
  • USB in

Contact ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia to see if the 38WR50MS stretched panel is right for your next project.

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