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Snom: The 8 experience continues

5 May 2010 11:34 PM -

The snom 820 was a decisive step towards combining state-of-the-art technology with a new design. It was the beginning of a superior line of business VoIP phones. Its extraordinary elegance and performance combined both: latest technology and well-known snom features.

At CeBIT 2010 in Hanover, Germany, in March, the snom 821 was launched.

The snom 821 replaces the snom 820 as the entry model of a new generation of snom VoIP business phones. With this new 8xx series, currently consisting of the snom 821 and the snom 870, two main requirements of modern telephony are realised without compromises in one device: mature VoIP technology and a design in a class of its own.

Features of the Snom 821 include:
•    Gigabit Ethernet switch
•    Hi-res 320 x 240 8.9cm colour TFT display incorporating an XML browser.
•    Wideband audio using the G.722 codec produces audio quality comparable to FM radio.
•    Wireless LAN capability so you have the choice of wired PoE or power adapter plus WLAN.
•    5-way conferencing
•    12 SIP identities
•    Multiple ringtones

The Snom 821 is available in Australia soon and interfaces perfectly with the Epygi Quadro range of pure IP PBX appliances available through ICS Technologies in Brisbane.

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