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Snom introduces the 7xx range

11 Nov 2011 10:59 PM -






The snom 7xx range is designed for both small and mid-sized businesses requiring an enterprise-class desktop phone on an SMB budget. The snom 720 and snom 760 business phones bring together the multiple programmable buttons and popular standard business functionality of the snom 3xx range with the advanced functionality, sleek styling and Gigabit Ethernet switch found in the snom 8xx range.

Both the snom 720 and 760 offer automatic provisioning, wireless LAN connectivity and snom’s superior wideband high definition voice quality. In addition, thanks to the Gigabit Ethernet switch, both phones can transfer data at a speed of 1000Mbits/s without slowing down the network or a connected PC. The snom 760 also features a high-resolution color display, making it ideal for business environments that require a greater level of visual functions, as well as displaying caller images. Both devices also feature USB ports, providing users with a variety of connectivity options.

“The new snom 7xx range of VoIP phones addresses a key need in the market for an affordable enterprise-class phone with the capabilities and flexibility to fit businesses of any size,” said snom COO Mike Storella. “We believe the snom 720 and 760 should have broad appeal to customers requiring an endpoint that has exceptional design, performance and advanced IP communications features while still retaining the convienence and utility of a traditional business phone.”

Both phones support all standard VoIP calling features, including an address book with 1,000 possible entries, speed dialing, URL dialing, ringtone selection and LED call indication. In addition, the snom 760 and 720 are both compatible with snom’s new Bluetooth adaptor (snom USB BT) and headset (snom HS BT), allowing a range of Bluetooth devices to be used in conjunction with the new phones. The snom 720, snom 760, snom USB BT and snom HS BT will be available from ICS Technologies soon.

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