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QNAP TV Station

18 Dec 2012 3:58 PM -

QNAP have introduced new functionality to their range of Network Attached Storage devices.

Called TV Station this allows you to plug in common TV tuner sticks to record TV directly to NAS.

11 brands of TV tuner are supported including AverMedia, Compro, Elgato and Hauppauge.

Just insert a compatible DVB-T USB TV tuner to the Turbo NAS, and then you can log on the TV Station web interface to watch or record digital TV shows immediately anywhere in the house. While it's web-based, family members can all watch online or recorded digital TV shows on the Turbo NAS simultaneously.

The TV Station supports TV program scheduled recording with the provided over-the-air EPG (Electronic Program Guide). Through the list of TV channels with the time frame shown beside, you can easily switch the recording button to start recording and vise versa. Reviewing the recording list is also possible so that you can add or delete recording programs anytime.

On the more powerful x86-based models up to 2 USB TV tuners are supported so that you can enjoy a TV program while recording another program at the same time.

Almost all of the QNAP models are compatible with TV Station from the single drive TS-110 to the TS-1679U-RP.

QNAP NAS boxes are available from ICS Technologies.

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