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Product Spotlight on Cyberpower UPS

27 Dec 2011 3:22 PM -

UPS manufacturer Cyberpower has added the following products to it's already comprehensive range of budget and commercial UPS's for 2012.

Proper temperature and humidity is critical in a data centre to prevent costly equipment damage and unnecessary power costs.

Cyberpower has the Enviro Sensor which has temperature and humidity sensing along with 4 dry contacts to monitor room entry and rack entry.

Other features include:

  • Real time environment monitor and ENV status record
  • Remote management and configuration of sensor via Web Browsers
  • Automatic events notification via email, SMS and SNMP traps
  • 4 input dry contact application interface provided
  • Display the name and location of the sensor and connected devices
  • Integrate with PowerPanel Business Edition software (Windows, Mac and Linux compatible)

Cyberpower have a range of switched and monitored Power Distribution units for both 12 Amp and 16 Amp total loads. The monitored version allows the viewing of the total load on the PDU for capacity planning or maybe on-charging of the power used in a shared facility.

The switched version allows individual outlets to be turned off  and back on remotely to clear a hung server or for load shedding in the event of a power failure to reduce the load on the UPS.

Both are compatible with the PowerPanel Business Edition software.

ICS Technologies area also able to source custom designed and locally made PDU's to suit your exact requirements.

Cyberpower have introduced two PFC Sinewave UPS's; line interactive  with a pure sinewave output for mid to high-end workstations, servers and networking equipment.

Equipped with three battery backed outlets and three surge protected outlets along with filtering for DSL/fax/phone or modem they are available in 1300 VA/780 Watt or 1500 VA/ 980 Watt models with PowerPanel Personal Edition management software that supports Windows, Mac or Linux.

Cyberpower products are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia

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