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Perle Ethernet Extender

13 Aug 2013 4:50 PM -

Perle is another manufacturer of Ethernet Extenders. These very handy devices enable you to get an Ethernet connection at a distance using only standard telephone cable or coax.

Distances of up to 3000 metres are possible for a slow speed connection or speeds of up to 190Mbps are possible up to 75 metres with speeds in excess of 100Mbps possible in excess of 300 metres.

The local end may be powered from a PoE+ port on a network switch or locally powered and the distant end can either be parasitically powered from the link or locally powered.

One, 2 and 4 port distant devices are available with PoE to run devices such as wireless access points and security cameras.

Contact ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia to see if a Perle Ethernet Extender can solve your remote access problem.

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