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Overselling for Profit

27 Nov 2014 4:50 PM -
We had a subcontract install to do recently for a Sydney-based company opening a retail store in Brisbane. The install had come through one of our Victorian partners who had been asked by a Telstra to arrange the install of a very small Avaya IP Office with 2 lines, 2 digital phones and a 2 line cordless.

We all know why they were sold the phone system - profit. There is no reason why they couldn't have just used the 2 line cordless and saved a lot of money because it worked out to be a very expensive install as there were 4 site visits, firstly because the site wasn't ready, then the cabling wasn't completed, then training could not be completed and finally a request was made to assist with connecting the Internet which we could not assist with originally because it was outside the scope of work but were given approval to go back and do it.

We have also discovered that all of the 3 analogue lines connected (2 for phone and 1 for alarm), have BizEssentials which includes the line, some or all calls depending on the plan and ADSL. One very important feature missing from Biz Essentials though is line hunt which is needed for the phone lines so the tech had to program call forward busy to get the call to jump to the second line. The problem with that is that when Telstra has to do a restart on their exchange, EasyCall features such as this will drop off.

Again, the only reason to specify 3 Biz Essentials lines is profit or a complete lack of product knowledge. You don't need Internet on all 3 lines unless you are bonding them together so the customer will be paying a premium for facilities they will never use.

Business, both large and small, are looking to keep costs under control and telecommunications is one area where there can be hidden costs which can only be explained by an experienced person. ICS Technologies will never grossly oversell for profit as described above. From our vast range of products and services from multiple carriers we will discuss at length your requirements. From our discussions it may be that a change of line type to digital or SIP will work better for you but the up-sell is justified for a functionality or efficiency gain. We may suggest a different style of phone that may cost a little more but is far easier for your staff to use and maintain with more buttons, a larger screen, paperless labels, etc.

For good, honest advice about your telecommunications, have a chat with us. We specialise in site audits for the major carriers and can analyse the charges on your bill to determine if you are paying for what you need or overpaying for things you don't. Through this process we found that the head office for one of the major car companies had 39 lines that were unused. They had converted to digital lines some 5 years previously but nobody had cancelled their analogue lines. 39 lines at today's line rental comes close to $1800 a month so in excess of $105,000 had been paid over the period for something they weren't using.