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Optus to no longer supply battery backups for its circuits

2 Aug 2011 10:50 PM -

As of the 1st of July 2011, Optus is no longer supplying battery backup for its Multilines delivered over Alcatel SDH equipment and Evolve Directline circuits.

This means that this equipment needs to be considered as an additional item for your Uninterruptible Power Supply because obviously in the event of a power failure you will otherwise lose your phone lines.

The equipment like most modern electronics does not draw much current so it will not add much load to an existing UPS or a small  dedicated UPS will provide a run time of several hours.

Existing circuits are unaffected and Multilines delivered over ULL will continue to have battery backup until the new One Access Crocus NTU is introduced at the end of this year.

ICS Technologies are able to advise your UPS requirements to cater for your Optus equipment along with your phone system and data servers, storage and networking equipment.

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