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Optus Multiline 6

4 Jun 2013 6:54 PM -

From now until the 31st of August, Optus are allowing a minimum of 6 channels in XYZed and fibred areas on a One Office plan. One Office offers capped price calling on all national and calls to Optus mobiles ($79 plan) or all mobiles ($89 plan). Calls to One3 or 1300 numbers are 20 cents per call.

The contract term is 36, 48 or 60 months. A 48 month term attracts a 5% discount on standard calls and a 60 month term attracts a 10% discount on standard calls.

For areas that have to be serviced by Megalink the 10 channel minimum still applies.

Running Primary Rate lines really improves functionality over analogue lines and having a minimum of 6 channels really opens up the market for smaller businesses where 10 channels is just too many.

Features such as Local Number Porting allow you to bring your current phone numbers across to Optus, a direct indial number range can be added to enable direct calling to extensions, selectable caller ID, external call forwarding and automatic failover to another number in the case of line or phone system failure.

6 to 8 lines is perfect for the base Avaya IP Office configuration with Primary Rate - no additional channel licensing is required for up to 8 channels.

ICS Technologies works closely with Optus Channel Partners to connect lines to existing or new phone systems. Contact us to determine how best to take advantage of this offer.

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