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New technology: LED projectors

17 Sep 2013 7:48 PM -
Canon LE-5W LED projector

At the Integrate show in Sydney in August, a number of manufacturers such as Casio and Canon were showing off a multitude of projector models including their new LED-based projectors.

These offer some major advantages:

  • 20,000 hour rated lamp life (approx 4.5 years at 12 hours per day) if you wanted to use it in a digital signage application
  • Up to 4000 ANSI lumens
  • 5 second start-up and shut down. No more waiting for the unit to cool before unplugging and packing away
  • Lower power consumption and cooler running

Al the features expected of a projector are included such as 3D capability, 2D to 3D image conversion, interactivity with the special pointer, compatibility with other products such as cameras and graphing calculators (Casio).

Using the interactive pointer with a table mounted ultra short throw projector it's possible to create an interactive table which would be of use in daycare and prep classes.

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