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New phone system for 2012?

6 Dec 2011 11:03 PM -

Are you considering a new phone system for 2012?

Avaya are very close to releasing version 8.0 to the award winning IP Office. Apart from feature refinements Release 8 offers 2 important advantages for the small and not so small business environment.

Firstly there is a new Basic Edition which comes in under the former entry-level Essential Edition. Basic Edition allows up to 64 lines and 100 digital or analogue extensions with embedded voicemail. at a very competitive price point. 1400 series and 9500 series digital handsets can be used.

Release 8 also sees the introduction of the C110 Unified Communications Processor. This is a single slot module which contains half-size versions of Voicemail Pro and one-X Server. Previously to run one or both of these applications an external virtual or physical server was required with all the complexity that they entail such as powering, cooling and maintaining. For smaller installations that still required these features, simply slot in the C110 to a vacant slot in the IP500v2 Control Unit.

The C110 comes licensed for 4 ports of Voicemail Pro and can be licensed up to 20 ports and can support up to 50 users of one-X Portal.

The lineup is now as follows: Basic Edition, Essential Edition, Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition with Preferred and Advanced offering Voicemail Pro either with the C110 or external server. You can add any of the available user profiles such as Office Worker, Mobile Worker, etc to any of the systems from Preferred Edition upwards.

If you are considering a new phone system for 2012 and have thought "if I have to ask the price it's going to be too much" then please do ask the price and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. They are quite competitively priced for a product coming from a global leader in phone systems. From customer feedback based on jobs I have won I have found them to be better priced than LG-Ericsson and NEC SV8100 - two 'medium priced' systems - and approximately half the price of Shoretel.

If you have an NT Commander or an older Business Communications Manager then it's possible to reuse your existing handsets with a brand new Avaya IP Office with about 90% feature retention to considerably reduce the implementation cost.

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