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New Features in the Xirrus Cloud

6 Oct 2014 4:00 PM -
The latest release of the Xirrus Management System - Cloud (XMS-Cloud) platform is now available. This release adds alerts for potential network issues and allows you to set up notifications associated with those alerts. Guest access is further simplified by integrating with Facebook and Google+ social platforms. This release also includes near instant configuration deployment, 65+ additional carriers for SMS and ability to reboot individual APs/Arrays.

What’s New:

Alerts and Notifications – A new Alerts tab is added under My Networks. You can view different alerts based on severity, status and acknowledgement. Details about the alerts to view can be customised.  You can also get a quick overview of all active alerts from the dashboard.

This release supports the following four types of alerts and notifications can be set up for each:

A specific AP or Array changes state (Up or down)
All APs or Arrays in a profile change state (Up or Down)
A specific AP or Array has too many clients on a radio
A specific client is having trouble getting a valid DHCP address
Notifications can be sent via SMS or email and can be set up from account settings.

Social sign-in – Guests can sign-in with their Facebook or Google+ credentials. Self-Registration Guest Portal can be configured to allow social sign-in by selecting the check boxes in the look and feel set up.

Other features – Configuration changes made to the APs/Arrays are now pushed within a minute. Individual AP/Array can be rebooted from the more drop down button on the AP/Array details window.  To get to the Array Details window, go to the Arrays tab, hover over the name of an Array and click on the magnifying lens.

Xirrus access points area available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.