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New Eaton 93PM UPS

6 Mar 2013 8:36 PM -
Eaton 93PM cabinet
Eaton 93PM LCD panel

Eaton have released the new 93PM all-in-one 3-phase UPS to help combat the ever-rising cost of energy and ever-increasing power demands of IT infrastructure.

The Eaton 93PM features an industry-leading 96.7% operating efficiency in double conversion mode, a 1.0 power factor and a run time of at least 10 minutes on internal batteries all within a footprint of 0.5 sq metres.

When operating in Energy Saver System efficiency rises to more than 99%. ESS mode runs the load securely through the static bypass line with double conversion available on demand with typically a 2 millisecond transition time.

When the incoming power quality is high, ESS can reduce UPS power losses by 75% as it runs on double conversion only when needed.

With the current weather patterns around the east coast of Australia a UPS is a necessity for your data centre.

The full range of Eaton UPS's is available from ICS Technologies is Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to implement one in your business.

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