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New Cisco SMB products

19 Sep 2012 8:05 PM -

Cisco have released a whole slew of new products in their SMB range.

Briefly the products are as follows:

A flagship 500 series range of stackable switches. This is the last phase of the refresh of all Cisco switches in the SBTG product range replacing the SFE and SGE switches.

New wireless access points: WAP121 and WAP321 replacing the WAP200 and WAP2000. These are compatible with AirMagnet from Fluke Networks for WLAN planning.

New routers: RV180 and RV180W which replace RVS4000 and WRVS4400N. The new models fill the gap bethween the present RV120 and RV220. The wireless RV180W can function as a wireless router, wireless bridge or wireless repeater.

New unmanaged switches with Energy Efficient Ethernet support: 100 Series and a new 48 port 200E Advanced Smart Switch.

New Gigabit Ethernet Phones SPA512G and SPA514G.

New SPA112 and SPA122 ATA's replacing the PAP2T and SPA2102.

A new wireless adapter that can turn and SPA500 phone into a wireless phone.

A new release of UC320W - v2.2.


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