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New APC Smart UPS models

20 Oct 2010 9:59 PM -

APC have made a major update to the popular and well-known Smart-UPS range.

While the side and rear view are instantly familiar the front panel is completely different and there are some worthwhile improvements "under the hood".

Standard features now include:

  1. Alphanumeric liquid crystal display
  2. High efficiency "green" mode
  3. Extended range automatic voltage regulation
  4. Advanced battery management with temperature compensated charging and battery replacement prediction.
  5. Serial, USB and SmartSlot for accessory cards.
  6. Switched outlet group to power cycle hung devices, shed non-critical loads and sequence startup.
  7. Battery disconnect for transport.

Standard Tower models are available in:

  • 750VA (500 Watts)
  • 1000VA (670 Watts)
  • 1500VA (980 Watts)
  • 2200VA (1980 Watts)
  • 3000VA (2700 Watts)

The new Extended Run models have the following additional features:

  • Slim 2U rack/tower convertible form factor with rotating display.
  • High Frequency electronics to reduce the size of transformers.
  • Models with the NC suffix have pre-installed AP9631 network cards with temperature monitoring.
  • External battery connector.
  • Emergency Power Off.

Extended run convertible models are available in:

750VA (600 Watts)

1000VA (800 Watts)

1500VA (1200 Watts)

The new APC UPS's are available to order now from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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