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Netgear launches the world's fastest NAS

4 Mar 2014 8:53 PM -
ReadyNAS 716

Netgear have launched the world's fastest Network Attached storage appliance - the Xeon-powered ReadyNAS 716. Designed for campus and high performance business environments supporting up to 500 concurrent users the ReadyNAS 716 is a six-bay device and only comes in a diskless configuration.

With the addition of the RN716 model, NETGEAR now has seven product lines in the ReadyNAS family all running on ReadyNAS OS to provide the same features regardless of platform:

  • The ReadyNAS 500 Series (RN516XX) is designed for small to medium-sized business networks supporting up to 250 concurrent users. It is a six-bay device offered as either diskless or populated with drives.
  • The ReadyNAS 300 Series (RN312XX, RN314XX, RN316XX) is optimized for small business networks and remote or branch office needs. It offers two-bay, four-bay, and six-bay desktop models that are either diskless or populated with drives.
  • The entry level ReadyNAS 100 Series (RN102XX, RN104XX) is designed for home use. It comes in two-bay and four-bay desktop models that are offered as either diskless or populated with drives.

Earlier, NETGEAR launched three new ReadyNAS devices for easy rack-mounted deployment, all of which are offered as either diskless or populated with drives:

  • The 12-bay ReadyNAS 4220 is designed for high performance business environments supporting 50 to 500 concurrent users.
  • The 12-bay ReadyNAS 3220 is ideal for supporting 26 to 250 concurrent users.
  • The four-bay ReadyNAS 2120 is perfect for small office environments from five to 25 simultaneous users.

Like other members of the ReadyNAS family, ReadyNAS 716 has a simple-to-use interface. It supports SATA (up to 4TB) and SSD drives, and includes three eSATA expansion ports for scaling capacity as the storage needs of a business grows (up to 84TB). Additional advanced capabilities featured on the NETGEAR ReadyNAS 716 include:

  • Two built-in 10GBASE-T ports
  • VPN quality remote data transfer and management
  • Encrypted remote access
  • Thin or thick provisioned LUNs
  • ReadyDROP™ file synchronization
  • ReadyDLNA™ mobile clients for remote media streaming

The full ReadyNAS range along with NAS-optimised hard drives from Seagate and Western Digital are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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