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Netcomm NTC-30WV series

13 Aug 2013 4:15 PM -

Here's an interesting product that although we haven't used, have seen it in use and will be good to add to the product range for when somebody asks for it - the Netcomm NTC-30 series of external 3G routers.

The NTC-30 Series Outdoor Routers are designed to connect homes and businesses to the speed and coverage of 3G or 4G networks to deliver high speed broadband to individual premises - up to 21Mbps depending on network performance at your location.

The device is ideal for remote locations without a fixed (ADSL/Cable/Fibre) broadband connection or locations in a low signal strength area. This highly featured all-in-one router integrates a 3G or 4G modem, router, WiFi, voice (optional) and high gain antennas into one robust weatherproof device.

The NTC-30 Series Routers allow users to connect their premises to high speed broadband and share this connection via a fixed Ethernet connection or via a powerful WiFi network. With the integrated 802.11n Access Point and MIMO antenna technology, the router provides reliable and wide reaching WiFi coverage for both indoor and outdoor wireless access.

The weatherproof Outdoor Router is also designed to be mounted either on a wall or pole on the outside of your premises, and its IP67 rating ensures your router will withstand harsh climates including dust, rain and extreme temperatures.

Features include:

  • Industrial-grade outdoor router for deployments in remote environments and industrial applications
  • IP67 and environmentally rated housing to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • 802.11n WiFi access point with 2x2 MIMO antenna technology
  • Up to 16 wireless devices may be connected
  • 1 x 10/100 Ethernet port with Power over Ethernet Injector
  • Embedded Linux operating system allowing for the installation of custom applications
  • Remote diagnostics, configuration and firmware upgrade capabilities
  • Built-in VPN clients for a secure connection over a public cellular network
  • 1 x RJ-11 voice port for circuit switched phones calls in some models

The NTC-30WV-02 is available specifically for marine environments with stainless steel fasteners. In a marine environment with lear line of sight to mobile towers coverage can be maintained up to about 60km offshore.

The Netcomm NTC-WV30 range is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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