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Moving premises

30 Nov 2011 11:00 PM -

This was originally published back in March of 2011 but given the time of year it's probably worth republishing in case you have a move coming up and want to use the Christmas period.

Please note the connection times below. If you need to get some analogue or ISDN2 lines ordered, please do it now otherwise no guarantee can be made that they will be connected before Christmas.

If you need ISDN10/20/30 lines then unless there are existing Telstra electronics in your intended building then I think it won't be possible to get anything connected before Christmas and the move would have to wait until New Year.

Minimising the impact on your customer when you relocate is paramount. This guide makes sure your relocation goes smoothly without interruption.

Step 1 Where and When

When you have decided on a new premises you need to check the local infrastructure to make sure it is sufficient for your number and type of lines. If you are moving outside your exchange area (and this could be just across the road...) and you are on Telstra, new lines numbers and therefore diversions of existing numbers will be required. If you are on another carrier such as Optus, you may be able to move your numbers if they can provide service at your new address.

Our relocation service includes checking the local conditions, supplying a choice of number and the diversion of old services so no calls will be lost.

Step 2 The time things take

The first action in the relocation process is ordering new services (if required) or relocating existing services. Lead times from Telstra are not flexible and can take up to 6 week for some services.

PSTN – 5 to 7 working days

ISDN 2 – 5 to 10 working days. In some exchanges capacity is limited and lead times may run into months before new equipment is installed.

ISDN 10-20-30 - 20 – 60 to working days

ADSL Broadband – up to 21 working days

Step 3 The cost of moving and who does what

1. Carrier charges for relocating or providing new services. ICS Technologies can often get these waved through Optus. Our service includes full liaison with Telstra or Optus so no red tape for you.

2. Site Conditions – Is there cabling to each point? Is there cabling to the building main frame? Is the cabling sufficient for your need? Are more points required? ICS Technologies provides a FREE site inspection to check conditions for you.

3. Removal and reinstallation of the telephone system. ICS Technologies will quote for this service depending on site conditions……no surprises

ICS Technologies offer a full turn key service, all you need to tell us where and when you want it to happen and it will.

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