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Moving Offices

20 Apr 2010 9:35 PM -

If you are considering moving offices then please involve your phone system supplier early on in the selection process.

Firstly, they may have knowledge about what carrier services are available in a particular building such as ADSL, distance from the nearest exchange, will you be crossing Telstra exchange boundaries or charge zones and many other factors. One building may appear to be perfect but if you are unable to get any fast internet capability in it because of distance or the local exchange is full then how would it affect your business.

Secondly, your phone system supplier will need time to prepare to move your equipment, install any cabling that may be required, etc. If any internal building is required then this is the ideal time to prewire before the Gyprock sheets go up and the desks go in.

Thirdly, your telecommunications carrier may need additional time to install the new circuits. For ISDN you may be looking at 10 working days at best in metro areas or 20 working days in rural areas.

Depending on the distance you are moving you may need to change telephone numbers and organise diversions of the old ones. In some cases even moving a cross the road will put you into a different Telstra exchange which will require a number change.

If you are with Optus, they have considerable move flexibility to deliver numbers - usually to the limits of the charge zone. They can also install the new circuit and have the numbers working in parallel at both locations while you move.

If you have inbound numbers such as 1300 or 1800 then this simplifies things considerably because these can stay the same but the real number they point to will change.

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