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Motorola AP6511 wireless access points

15 Sep 2010 11:47 PM -

Motorola have come up with a neat idea to overcome the problem of retrofitting wireless access points in a hotel environment - the AP6511.

The AP6511 is an 802.11a/b/g/n device designed to fit over an existing wall plate in a guest room and plug into an existing Ethernet cable either with Power over Ethernet or locally powered.

One AP6511 can control up to 24 other access points. For larger installations, a dedicated controller is required.

In sites that only have a single Ethernet cable running to each room, an optional switch module can be attached to provide three wired Ethernet ports.

The transmit power is sufficient to cover 6 or 10 rooms around the access point.

The AP6511 offers advanced features such as dynamic power adjustment to compensate for a failed unit, WPA2 Enterprise, 16 SSID's and 4000 VLANs.

The AP6511 is available now from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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