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Local Number Porting

1 Aug 2010 9:24 PM -

Local Number Porting is the process by which your telephone numbers are moved from one carrier to another. Usually this means Telstra to Optus, AAPT, iPrimus, etc.

It is a necessarily complex process and quite different to Mobile Number Porting or Inbound Number Porting so it pays to talk to somebody who knows what they are doing so that they can shield you from as much of the complexity as possible. ICS Technologies have more experience in Local Number Porting than anybody else in Queensland with in excess of 1000 Ports successfully completed from a handful of numbers up to thousands of numbers delivered on many lines.

You may wonder why you would want to change carriers. There can be a number of reasons but the two most obvious ones are cost and flexibility. You may get a better deal with another carrier or they may be able to do something with your numbers that your current carrier can't (or won't) such as allow you to upgrade from analogue lines to ISDN lines and take your numbers with you.

If you are considering it then please be aware that it can take weeks or months to get everything lined up but it will probably be worth the effort.

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