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Little known features of the Avaya BCM

21 Apr 2010 9:16 PM - Feature 84 'Line Redirect'

The Avaya Business Communication Manager has some 400 features - some are very useful but little known such as Feature 84 to redirect a line from a handset.

A situation where you would use this is if you have a specific number that needs to be forwarded to different destinations such as to an on-call mobile phone. It's possible to program the line to go to a specific handset where the call forward is activated but a more elegant way is to use Feature 84.

The Target Line is programmed onto a handset as an 'Appear Only'.

The method of operation is as follows:

a) From the handset dial Feature 84
b) The handset displays 'Select Line Out'
c) Press Intercom
d) Dial the external number including access code (generally 0)
e) Press OK to confirm (or Hold on 7208 handsets)
f) The handset displays 'Select Line(s)'
g) Press the key programmed with the Target Line
h) Press OK to confirm (or Hold on 7208 handsets)

The redirection status can be checked by dialling Feature *0 and pressing the target line key and pressing Show. This will either display 'Not Redirected' or 'Redir by xxx', the extension which set up the redirection.

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