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Little known features of the Avaya BCM

21 Apr 2010 9:37 PM - Feature *999 Hot Desking

If you are running IP handsets on your Avaya BCM did you know that you can easily transfer your features and facilities from your desk phone to any other IP phone either locally or remotely?

You can do this using Feature *999 for Hot Desking.

A typical scenario would be if you work from home and have an IP phone there with a different extension number. It can be either a hard phone or a soft phone. Activating Hot Desking from that phone will allow you to take the extension number, features and facilities including indial number from your desk phone. A call made to your indial number will reach you on your home phone and if the call is not answered then the voice message indication will display on your phone phone.

You need to set up a password to enable Hot Desking.

Once you get back to the office you simply turn off Hot Desking.

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