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Line Isolation Unit for external paging systems

23 May 2013 6:28 PM -
DC blocking LIU for external paging

Line Isolation Units (LIU) may not seem very exciting but they are a legal requirement for any input or output from a phone system to equipment such as music on hold players or external paging amplifiers.

On systems such as the Avaya/Nortel BCM a dedicated paging output is provided and only requires a standard LIU.

On the IP Office Avaya took a different approach and have enabled analogue extension ports to be configured for external paging. This allows greater flexibility for systems sharing multiple customers but comes with a caveat: the port has 36 volts present and it needs a load to remain active. The voltage will saturate the matching transformer of a standard LIU resulting in poor speech quality.

We have sourced some LIU's (LIU-PA) that work perfectly with the IP Office so if you have taken the opportunity to upgrade your BCM or some other system to an IP Office but have encountered poor speech quality on the external paging system using the existing LIU this will more than likely solve your problem.

These LIU's are available from ICS Technologies is Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you are having problems with your extenral paging since migrating to an Avaya IP Office.

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