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Konftel Conferencing phones

13 Aug 2010 11:46 PM -

Konftel conferencing units are now available through ICS Technologies.

Konftel make a comprehensive range of conferencing phones which can be connected to your phone system or mobile phone.

The 60W is a small portable unit packed with features. It can be connected to most phone systems via the handset outlet,  Bluetooth, USB or analogue.

The 250 is a larger unit with an analogue interface suitable for phone systems or analogue lines.

The 300  is similar in appearance to the 250 but allows connection to a PC as well as analogue line and incorporates a wideband codec for VoIP calls. It allows calls to be recorded to SD card.

The 300W is a GAP compliant DECT unit which can be connected to a phone system or analogue line. It can also be connected to mobile phone or computer with a USB interface. It also supports call recording to a memory card.

Konftel conferencing phones are very well priced and are worthwhile considering if you are looking at a conferencing phone for your boardroom.

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