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Is our broadband really that bad?

30 Jan 2014 1:20 PM -
In a recent news article it said that Asia is the hot spot for broadband speed and that Australia was lagging. My business is stuck with ADSL1 supplemented by 4G for my VoIP lines so I can attest to that and I would dearly love NBN but spare a thought for our island cousins in Vanuatu.

I had to do some business in Vanuatu and transfer some money to an ANZ account. I sent a copy of the transfer to the person who was having trouble with the bank releasing the money so they forwarded the 40k byte attachment to the bank. It appears ANZ in Luganville does't have the bandwidth to receive that attachment so I had to fax a copy to them. I was also rather amused by the 5 digit local telephone numbers.

Vanuatu has very recently activated a fibre link that connects Port Vila to the Southern Cross fibre via Fiji through a company called Interchange. At the initial capacity of 20Gbits/sec it is 200 times the capacity of the current link and can grow to an ultimate capacity of 1280Gbit/sec.

Interchange have just signed an agreement to put in a second link to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea which will be ready for service in early 2016. This cable will have a spur to Esperitu Santo and will connect Luganville.

Mountainous terrain and dense forests make for hard work to deploy Internet connections to the villages by a cable so radio would be the best method. Using Ubiquiti AirFiber equipment enable links up to 2.4Gbit/sec over a link of about 15km.

Ubiquiti wireless products are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia
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