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Intel's NUC

23 Jun 2013 4:13 PM -

Earlier this year Intel released their NUC platform (Next Unit of Computing).

These are extremely compact but fully fledged PC's capable of acting as a desktop replacement, home theatre PC or a digital signage player.

The range consists of 4 models so far:

  • The entry-level Celeron-powered DCCP847DYE with dual HDMI 1.4a ports
  • The mid-range i3-powered DC3217BY with HDMI and Thunderbolt ports and DC3217IYE with dual HDMI ports
  • The i5-powered DC53427HYE with HDMI and dual mini Display Ports

All occupy the same 100mm square by 50mm high case and come as a bare-bones configuration where you add up to 16GB of RAM (2 S0 slots), an mSATA SSD and a wireless card.

The Intel NUC is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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