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How long will my phone system last?

3 Jan 2012 3:06 PM -

Customers often ask me how long their 10 or more year old phone system will last and what happens if it does fail.

In most cases they were a very popular and robust model in their day but like all electronics they do wear out and may have been subjected to power surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes through the phone lines. The expected life of a typical phone system is 8 years but usually the phones get ratty before that.

When the system does fail of course you will be off the air for as long as it takes a technician to visit, determine what's wrong and obtain replacement parts. A diversion can be arranged for incoming calls to another number but if diverting to a mobile then only one call at a time will be able to be handled.

What will the effect be on your business if you are without phones for several days?

If replacement parts are required for whatever reason, they probably won't be in much better condition that the failed parts and may only come with a boot up warranty. In some cases the supplier may give us a selection of several parts in order to find a good one.

In some cases on very old systems parts are simply not available and you may have the last one 'in the wild'.

Aside from the reliability issues there is question of functionality. Most of the older systems could have features like voice mail added but due to the additional cost when new most were just the basic system and simply switch calls. All of the new systems we supply and install today have voice mail and many other features built in. Although you may not want to provide voice mail to every user on a small system it's well worthwhile just putting one on for night service.

We can supply you with a brand new Avaya system on a rental or lease for $0 up front over a 2 to 5 year term. Extended warranty's are available too.

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