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How can the National Broadband Network help my business?

14 Aug 2013 1:29 PM -

The National Broadband Network will bring a several technologies into the mainstream at a much more bearable price than currently.

Businesses needing to send large amounts of data will benefit immensely. The NBN is capable of sending at 40Mbps - 20 times faster than the best ADSL2+ connections available and this speed should be available at every premise connected to the fibre. Currently if a business needs to send large amounts of data they need a mid-band Ethernet connection or faster and these start at almost $500 a month.

Voice over IP and SIP trunking will become much more workable because of the available bandwith. It will be nothing to have 30 voice channels using the G.722 codec giving FM radio quality speech which requires 2Mbps. Private links between phone systems for centralised reception and other functions could also easily be accommodated.

Cloud backup will become workable for every business - setting aside security concerns of having your sensitive data sitting on somebody elses hard drives. Currently we don't have the infrastructure to allow large volumes of data to be backed up in the cloud because the time required to upload the data exceeds the time available. Imagine a 20GB file backed up in just over an hour.

Just today in the BIT newsletter the Government has made available a kit to restaurant and cafe owners to hep them get online.

How could a restaurant possibly benefit from all that bandwidth?

According to the kit, some of the NBN capabilities being promoted are:

  • online ordering
  • payment and booking systems

  • remote inventory monitoring

  • offering customers a video view of the restaurant before they make a booking

ICS Technologies is eagerly watching NBN progress so that when available, we are able to offer our customers some innovative services at a sensible price.

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