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Hosted PABX service

22 Apr 2010 9:39 PM -

A relatively new option is the Hosted PABX.

This puts the switching intelligence outside of your premises with you provider and you have SIP-based VoIP phones with the delivery via your Internet connection.

In our opinion, the advantages of a Hosted PABX are:

a) low initial setup cost
b) no switching equipment on site
c) minimal power requirements
d) free calling between sites
e) potentially greater reliability of a carrier-based switch
f) easy scalability

However, we believe the advantages are offset by the disadvantages:

a) totally dependence on your Internet connection which while generally quite reliable are still no match for the reliability of traditional phone lines
b) limited feature set compared with advanced PABX's
c) scalability is limited by the speed of your Internet connection
d) you are locked in with a specific service provider and whatever rates they have for specific classes of call

We are not saying to avoid a Hosted PBX - one of our service providers offers them however users need to be aware of their limitations and where best to utilise them.

A situation where we would use a Hosted PABX would be in a multi-location retail environment which have 2 or 3 phones so are too small for a conventional phone system and the free calling between sites would be a considerable cost saving.

These may be hosted using one of our provders or off a suitable PABX in the head office such as an Avaya BCM, Avaya Software Communication System or an Epygi Quadro.

The service delivery may be over xDSL or over the data path  of a 3G mobile service. Optus have a device from Huawei ideal for this purpose.

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