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Headscratcher of a fault

5 Nov 2014 9:59 PM -
I had a call from a new customer that I have done work for previously as a subcontractor that they had changed the cord on one of their reception phones and the other reception phone was stuck in the initialising mode.

As it's an old Release 3.7 BCM200 with quite a bit of dust in it and a recent history of doing funny things I did suspect it was system related but I had to go through the basics. When I put my test phone across the extn something didn't sound right. Although its a digital extension so you can't get dial tone with an analogue phone you get to know the sound they make. Nothing for it but to trace it out.

The phone did fire up at the system when the rest of the cabling was disconnected so it confirmed the port on the Digital Station card was OK. Upon checking the wiring of the socket (an old 600 style) more closely I found it was still wired for a 4 wire phone.

The 7316e phones can have an auxiliary power pack connected if they are located a long way from the phone system and this goes through the outer pins of the socket.

When the customer had changed the line cord they had changed it to a 4 wire cord so that phone was back feeding into the other one. Simply removing the additional 2 wires got the non-working phone working again.

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