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HD Station for QNAP NAS

18 Dec 2012 4:25 PM -

Earlier this month QNAP introduced HD Station for selected NAS models.

After downloading and installing the free HD Station application you have the choice to use the following applications on your TV screen.

  • XBMC: An application for you to operate and enjoy your multimedia data on the TV screen.
  • Chrome: With the help of Chrome, the QNAP Turbo NAS brings endless web content to your HDTV. Just sit back, relax, and surf the internet on your couch.
  • YouTube: Simply browse and click to enjoy millions of YouTube videos on your TV.
  • MyNAS: An application for you to enter the local NAS administration web page to view the NAS functions and settings.

Your NAS is directly connected to your TV or receiver to play content directly. Control of the NAS is by using the QNAP remote, MCE remote, USB keyboard and mouse or the Qremote app for iPhone.

Only TS-x69L, TS-269 Pro and TS-469 Pro have a built-in IR sensor on the front:
Requires TS-x69 series with firmware 3.8.1 and higher
Upgrading to 2GB of RAM is recommended for better experience
Playback capability and quality may vary due to the device platform decoding capability.

QNAP NAS boxes are available from ICS Technologies.

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