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Gefen introduces their new PRO 32x32 HDMI matrix switch

17 Aug 2013 2:31 PM -

Throughout the year the Gefen has been introducing new products to augment its Extra Long Range (ELR) series of signal transmission products.

The latest addition is the new 32x32 HDFST Modular Matrix for HDMI with HDCP. According to Gefen, the product can be configured in a number of ways to distribute as many as 32 HD sources to 32 displays.

The 32x32 matrix switcher includes provisions to combine its functionality with Gefen’s HDBaseT products to enable electronics technicians to set up distribution systems in a variety of environments without compromising signal integrity. The HDBaseT provisions allow the system to transmit signals as far as 100 metres, and the matrix’s outputs can also be configured in ways that include the ability to eliminate external power supplies through the use of the company’s POL (Power Over Line) technologies.

The GefenPRO 32x32 HDFST can be used for corporate, government and other A/V installations that require the distribution of HD, 3D and lossless audio content.

This and other Gefen products are available through ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia. COntact us with your next digital signage or video distribution project.

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