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Free Essential Edition license on IP Office Release 8.1

27 Feb 2012 2:45 PM -

For a limited time, Avaya are offering a free upgrade to Essential Edition for every new IP Office purchased - a $512 ex GST value.

Entry level for IP Office Release 8.0 onwards is Basic Edition which allows:

  • up to 64 lines
  • up to 100 digital or analogue extensions
  • up to 9 auto attendants
  • one 64-port conference bridge

Upgrading to Essential Edition opens up the full capacity of the IP Office allowing:

  • up to 240 digital lines
  • up to 384 analogue digital or IP phones on a single site
  • up to 40 auto attendants
  • 2nd 64-port conference bridge
  • one-X mobile twinning
  • up to 2 remote phones
  • Avaya Flare Communicator for iPad and Windows

Essential Edition is a prerequisite for Preferred and Advanced Editions if you need any of the user profiles, server-based voicemail or one-X Portal.

ICS Technologies are Avaya Connect partners so we can offer sales and service on the Avaya IP Office and Avaya legacy range - BCM50, BCM200, BCM400 and BCM450.

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