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FAQ: What are all these charges on my bill? Why do I have so many lines?

1 Jun 2014 2:56 PM -
Exchange distribution frame

If you have been in business for some years then you are likely to have some unused lines or surplus lines where some of the functions such as your fax and EFTPOS can be combined onto one line.

The larger the business, the more likely it is there will be surplus lines.

This is a situation where a site audit would help to identify what all the lines are connected to.  One extreme example we found involves one of the major car companies head office in Melbourne where we found they had 40 lines connected to nothing.  They had installed new digital lines a couple of years previously and not cancelled the old analogue lines so they were paying over $1750 month after month for lines they were no longer using.

Large groups of analogue lines may be combined onto a digital line with easier management and more functionality like being able to transfer out or having a group of numbers assigned to allow direct calls in to extensions.

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