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FAQ: I'm moving locations. Can I take my phone numbers with me?

1 Jun 2014 2:21 PM -
Moving van

This depends on several factors; how far you are moving, which carrier you are with and how your present numbers are delivered.  If you have a 1300 or 1800 number then there is no problem because you simply change the 'real' number these point to.

In many cases you will find Telstra has an exchange boundary down the middle of the street so if you cross the street you will be in a different exchange area and would need to get new numbers. Ported numbers on Optus Direct Line and Multiline services are able to be moved to the limits of the charge zone they came from but there are distance limitations and extended access may need to be arranged which requires extended lead time.

The short answer is to consult with us in plenty of time to advise you of your options.

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