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FAQ: If I move to a brand new building won't it have all the infrastructure I need?

1 Jun 2014 1:54 PM -

Moving to a new building can be fraught with danger if it is not checked out thoroughly beforehand.

Brand new buildings will only have the bare minimum of cabling to them - a small tie cable back to where the Telstra cable from the street comes in.

Unless you plan on using wireless phones in your office then you will need additional cabling to each desk preferably back to a patch panel for ease of changes later.

New commercial developments are generally well away from the telephone exchanges so ADSL throughput will be slow if it can be provisioned at all. The alternative is Ethernet over Copper or midband Ethernet over fibre.

Due to the distance from the local exchange, other carriers may not be able to provide you with service without expensive additional infrastructure.

If you are looking at new premises, please consult with us in plenty of time to determine what services are available to you and how much work will be required to get them there.

The cheap lease won't be so attractive when you are all stuck sharing a slow 3G wireless connection with expensive data or your existing Optus numbers are unable to be delivered before 3 months worth of work is completed to haul a fibre in.

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