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FAQ: Can I get ADSL?

1 Jun 2014 2:34 PM -

This is a real minefield with distance affecting speed, full RIM's in the street, full DSLAM's or lack of floor space in the exchange and congested backhaul from the RIM to the exchange.  Although we have access to carrier reports of the number of available ports it can sometimes be inconclusive so the only way to find out one way or the other is to submit a connection order which may or may not be rejected.

Telstra have completed a retrofit program to some 2500 RIM's known as the 'Top Hat' upgrade. This involves placing a cabinet on top of an existing RIM to provide up to 480 additional ADSL2+  ports. This can either mean ADSL for people who can't get it at all or faster ADSL for those stuck on ADSL1. The RIM's chosen seem quite haphazard with some area's that badly need upgrading left untouched.

With the NBN in limbo it does not get any easier and areas shown as being in build may in fact only be in design which may end up reverting to a Fibre To The Node topology.

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