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Expanding your phone system

18 Oct 2013 3:18 PM -
BCM50 with the range of digital phones

One of my customers came to me earlier in the week asking about getting a new number for their Functions booking team that was close to their existing phone number.

My first question was "how many simultaneous calls would you like?" Their answer was "2 to 3 calls at a time".

I'm sure you can all see immediately that this is not going to work - they would need to have at least 3 lines on top of the 3 lines they already have for their Adventures booking team but in 2 separate hunt groups which means that each hunt group can only take a maximum of 3 calls which is inefficient if a 4th caller gets busy while the other 3 lines are unused.

My suggestion is to move to a Primary Rate connection. The BCM50 phone system was originally installed with capacity for 8 analogue lines so it has an expansion chassis with a GATM 4 analogue trunk module. This can easily (and quite cheaply) be swapped for a refurbished Digital Trunk Module.

The customer currently has Optus Direct Lines and as these are out of contract they can be migrated to a Multiline. Until the end of the year you can get a Multiline as small as 6 channels if you are on direct copper but you do have to have a call cap plan which pushes the overall price up a bit although you do have the certainty of a regular monthly bill. If you need the capacity but don't make many calls then the regular 10 line service might be better which has calls up to 10 minutes anywhere capped at $1 and then regular call charges after that.

This particular BCM50 was installed with bundled licenses such as Fax Suite, Unified Messaging and plenty of voice mail seats so I'm recommending the fax number be migrated to the Multiline as well so using Fax Suite and Unified Messaging, any incoming faxes can be scanned and delivered as email. This is a feature my legal customers love.

So the main benefits will be:

  • More efficient utilisation of lines
  • Full control of outgoing Caller ID
  • The ability to call forward externally.
  • Never busy fax and scan to email.
  • Expansion up to 30 channels if required and the Functions Booking office evolves into a call centre.

The customer is also expanding to an offsite catering facility so there is the option to have remote extensions there too.

The BCM range may now be superceded but they are still providing good service with the features and facilites required by most customers.

ICS Technologies, based in Brisbane, Australia maintains a number of BCM50, BCM200, BCM400 and BCM450 systems across the country.

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