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Ethics in Business

30 Aug 2013 1:10 PM -

It was suggested to me today that I was not doing myself any favours by simply replacing failed power supplies in my customers fleet of Samsung phone systems to get them running again when I could be selling them a whole new system.

We look after around 70 DCS24 and DCS100 systems across most of Australia and they are simply getting to an age where components in the power supply are failing which causes various faults.

I was dumbstruck!

This would be like buying a new car just because you get a puncture!

While we keep enough spare parts in stock to build a medium sized phone system it takes several days to get feature licenses and it still takes far longer to install and configure a new system than the half hour or so it takes to swap out a power supply.

We have also encountered cases where a customer has an older Nortel/Avaya BCM system they are looking to upgrade to an IP Office and another supplier has said they have to replace everything including the phones when Avaya have allowed for the older digital and IP phones to be reused on a new IP Office with savings of around 60%. The customer is usually very happy to receive a quote of half what they have previously been told.

Obviously we are in business to make a profit but to do so by misleading a customer is just plain wrong and something that ICS Technologies will never intentionally do. More than likely it will come back to bite you sooner or later.

So if you are after a new or refurbished phone system, digital signage, UPS or other business technology, talk to us and see what we can do for you. You will get good advice based on our extensive experience. ICS Technologies is in Brisbane, Australia.

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18 Oct 2013,12:28 AM - Richard
Great to read this blog on ethics. What goes around, come around. Referrals from satisfied customers has its own financial rewards!